Career Coaching

Services available range from basic resume critiques to in-depth interview and career coaching.

Career Coaching

Numerous topics that can be covered including:

  • Building a foundation
  • Developing a plan
  • 20 questions to ask yourself
  • Hazards to avoid in a job search
  • Targeting Companies-obtaining key contacts
  • Resume review and critique
  • Business section of your newspaper
  • Search Firms and what to expect
  • Selling the product – YOU
  • Uncovering Job Leads
  • Networking; building your “connector” network
  • Internet and e-mailing your resume

Career Advisor Assessment

  • An assessment allows you to explore your work-related personality and mental traits
  • A profile explains each of these traits in informative details
  • Correlation of your profile to many specific job/career categories in a Career Potential Report and rated as excellent, very good, and good
  • A Development Suggestions Report gives you personal development suggestions, steps to effect change, and development materials recommended
  • Discussion of results with professional career advisor

Resume Preparation

  • Laser printed resume
  • Letterheads
  • Electronic copy of resume
  • ASCII Format Version

Interviewing Session (1 hr)

  • Ingredients to a successful interview
  • Get off to a good start
  • Discuss situations, don’t ramble on
  • Extremely important criteria
  • Questions to prepare for and how to answer
  • Questions you should ask in an interview
  • Keep your name in front of the interviewer
  • Recap of steps to take

Cover Letter

  • The value of the cover letter is overlooked 75% of the time by candidates. Unfortunately, many times a generic letter is used to mass mail with resumes in response to help wanted ads.
  • A resume sells an interview. The cover letter sells your resume.

Thank You Letter

  • A very important step to take is often overlooked is to immediately send a letter to a person or persons’ whom you interviewed with. What to include and not to include in this very important follow-up letter.

Reference Page

  • A list of 4-5 personal and/or business references

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