Our total commitment is to provide quality outplacement services to each and every candidate through integrity, compassion. and dedication.

Outplacement Defined

The process by which displaced employees work with Employment Professionals in order to deal with their anger and frustrations, realize their skills and value in the marketplace, and learn to market themselves in a professional manner for the purpose of finding new and meaningful employment.

Career Associates immediately began working to revise my resume to help me present a professional image. They were also there to help send out introduction letters and resumes. The world-wide web capability was helpful in gaining information about companies of interest. One of the most important services you provided was that of a counselor. I felt connected and was comfortable talking to you and listening to your advice. Thank you!

– Employee affected by corporate reorganization

Stress Counseling

Undue stress causes a candidate to be ineffective and nonproductive. We cover:

  • Stress Management
  • People’s Basic Needs
  • Hazards to Avoid in a Job Search

Resume Preparation

Resume is a French word meaning summary. A candidate’s resume is a summary of experience and accomplishments as related to his/her employment history. We will help candidates to:

  • Identify Skills
  • Target Skills Toward the Right Job
  • State Appropriate Objective or Career Summary
  • Organize Employment History in a Professional Format

Your Job Search

Statistics show 98% of job seekers apply only to classified newspaper ads. We show candidates ways to market themselves.

  • Targeting Companies Directly
  • Answering Classified Ads
  • Job Fairs
  • Newspaper Business Section
  • Search Firms
  • Networking
  • Internet Searching

The Cover Letter

A cover letter is a candidates’s personality in written form. It measures effective communication skills.

  • Response to Classified Ads
  • Targeted Industry Letter
  • Response to a Blind Ad
  • Networking Cover Letter

The Job Interview

Many Jobs are lost due to the lack of interviewing skills. We assist candidates in the following areas:

  • The Basics: Grooming, Punctuality
  • Ingredients to Successful Interviews
  • Getting Off to a Good Start
  • How to gain Control in the Interview
  • Avoiding the Rambling On Syndrome
  • Questions Employers Commonly Ask
  • How to Avoid the Salary Trap

The Interview Follow-Up

Post interview communication can be the winning factor.

  • Sending the Thank You Letter
  • recap of Steps to Take
  • Example Thank You letters

Organization & Structure

Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness. Opportunities are found by being organized.

  • Keeping an Activity Log
  • The Power of Rejection Letters
  • Following Up on Every Resume

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