Why should you work with Gene Whorl at Career Associates?

Glad You Asked!

  • 22 years of recruiting experience. ALL 22 as an owner who takes pride in his business!
  • Since he started his business from scratch in 1990, his BUSINESS ACUMEN skills are excellent. Takes ownership in working with the client company, wants to get the feel of their business and their management style. He is interested in seeing his client companies succeed. And you can’t succeed without surrounding yourself with good people.
  • Gene is a very enthusiastic, high-energy person who takes pride in matching good people with good companies.
  • Determined, Persistent, Personable, Trustworthy and a Go-To-Guy! Gene is a trusted person whom you can count on being there when you need him the most.
  • He makes recruiting projects PRIORITY and doesn’t put on the back burner.
  • Is very well networked and branded locally. Candidates that aren’t exactly knocking on employer doors, come to him for opportunities that will fulfill their lifestyle dreams and family needs. They know they can trust Gene when he calls them to discuss an opportunity.
  • Is interested in building relationships. Many of the client companies he represents are his best friends and the candidates that he places turn into long-lasting friendships.
  • Has never met a stranger and possesses a positive attitude. Makes each person he meets feel comfortable. Networks 24-7.
  • Wants people that meet him, to be GLAD they met him! Is always there to help or give an honest recommendation or opinion.
  • Above all, he is a coach, motivator and positive influence. Once you meet him and leave the discussion, you generally feel better about the situation that you are in or what might be on the horizon!
  • If you don’t believe him, review testimonials of his work.
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